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Hundreds of thousands of people across Africa trust Rapidtransfer to send money and make payments. Fast, safe and reliable, it’s the only pan-African money transfer and payment service owned by an African bank.

Rapidtransfer in-branch

Transfers can be made at any Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent. You don’t need an Ecobank account, anyone can use Rapidtransfer.

Rapidtransfer online

Rapidtransfer is the only pan-African money transfer service that enables you to send money super easy and superfast online.

Rapidtransfer services

Send money

Quick and easy transfer across 33 Ecobank countries.

Receive money

Soon you will be able to receive money into your Ecobank account or wallet anytime.


Coming soon: We specialise in the quickest top-ups with many agents.

Bill Payment

Coming soon: Use Rapidtransfer to pay your bills quickly and conveniently.

How to be an agent?

Rapidtransfer is the trusted brand in transferring money across Africa with increasing patronage across the region today. Rapidtransfer Provides the following benefits to agents.

  • Commission accruing from sales
  • Customer footfalls in agents premises for cross selling
  • Marketing and promotions in association with Ecobank; and many more.

The following are important requirements to become a Rapidtransfer agent.

  • Must be a registered Institution. (Sole proprietorship, company, partnership, etc) and have the necessary regulatory approval to provide remittance service.
  • Approach any Ecobank Affiliate for assistance.
  • How Rapidtransfer works at an Ecobank branch or agent: Send money in four easy steps:
    1. Go to any Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent and complete a Rapidtransfer “Send” form
    2. Submit valid proof of identification
    3. Pay in the amount you want to transfer, plus the required commission
    4. Collect your reference number and call your beneficiary with details of the transfer

    Receive money in three easy steps:
    1. Take a valid form of identification to any Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent
    2. Complete the Rapidtransfer “Receive” form and submit it to the Rapidtransfer teller
    3. The Rapidtransfer teller will verify your documents then call up the transaction to pay the money out

    Acceptable forms of identification:
    1. International passport
    2. Driver’s license
    3. National ID cards
    4. Voters ID cards
    5. Identification card of recognised corporate bodies
      Please note that Ecobank reserves the right to accept or reject any other form of identification.
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  • How to pay your utility bills
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