Alex Iheanacho is a money sense coach. A bestselling Author, businessman, investor, Marketing Consultant and a Public Speaker.

He is the founder and Chief responsibility Officer(CRO) of Money Sense Africa;  a coaching and Education Company that helps individuals to master how to improve their income, save better and multiply their money with knowledge so that they can live a life free from money worries. And his money sense Online Community reaches closes to 5000 income-earning adults who are getting smarter by the day using his savings and money sense strategies to improve their lives.

  Alex iheanacho has also graduated over 5000 students in the last 18 months from his #7savingschallenge which helps the participants with strategies to discover and block their money leakages. He has also raised and invested millions of naira for his private inner circle investors who trust him with their money.

Alex Iheanacho Has had various media appearances and was voted as one of the most influential Young Nigerians by Avance media in 2018.

He uses the stage, digital products, traditional and social media platforms to share his “street to stardom” story of how he moved from a kid who was abandoned by his parents because of money, to a man who is traveling the world to help others learn how to increase themselves and create massive financial possibilities that outlive them.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Applied Economics and Statistics, a diploma in Accounting and a lot of training in advance Finance research methodology.